Monday, 30 July 2012

Proud to be British...

With all the hype and media coverage, it can't have escaped anyone's notice that the Olympics have arrived.  Even if you're not mad keen on sport, it's hard to ignore and not watch.  There is such an amazing variety, there really is something for everyone, and if like me, I am amazed at the passion and just what these athletes are able to do.  I have my favourites I'm glued to such as the eventing, tennis and  gymnastics (I have no idea how the gymnasts make their bodies do those things!) but I have also found myself drawn into things like archery, swimming and diving.

Although there was a cynical part of me expecting some hiccups in true Brit style, I was amazed at the fantastic opening ceremony.  Danny Boyle has such vision and cinematic skills it was a triumph, also supported by a truly excellent British soundtrack.  Loved it!  I also found having a nearly 5 year old helps as their enthusiasm is infectious and makes you view life from a whole different (and simpler) perspective.

Even though it was a brief glimpse, it was great to see the Olympic flame as it travelled on its 8000 mile 70 day journey around the UK.  Although it probably cost an astronomical amount and did little in the way of reducing our global carbon footprint, it did whet the appetite for the upcoming games.

Today has also seen the arrival of Lady Godiva in our little town of Rugby as part of the Godiva Awakes project.  This is a piece of public art as part of the celebrations of the UK hosting the Olympic Games in 2012.  It is a six metre high puppet travelling by cycle power from Coventry to London and is amazingly beautiful in real life.  Despite my explanation, the face of my daughter was priceless as she gracefully moved round the corner of the building.
Here in this photo, the engineering of the huge puppet can be glimpsed as she playfully touched the top of the tree.  I loved the fact that the team of operators aboard the vehicle were wearing Biggles style flying helmets and full length coats...
I left the house with a little girl and came home with a Dalmation!!
I have very little to update on the crafting front.  Following our recent UK heatwave, I have lost my mojo a little - its hard to crochet when you fell like you're wearing a pair of vibrating oven gloves!!  M.S. is renowned for being aggravated by overheating so I made the most of enjoying week 1 of the school holidays and catching up with a spot of painting, baking, playing at the park and the garden.

How about you?...Hope the weather is being kind to you in your part of the world...

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