Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The end result

After my recent success with Simplicity 2927, I definitely am going to dive in with the dress version in this gorgeous cotton sateen.

Now I'm not sure if it's just me as a novice to sewing, or whether you experts too sometimes find it hard to visualise a fabric made into the garment.

I don't seem to have this trouble when it comes to yarn and a crochet pattern or beads for making jewellery.  I love putting colours together and playing with different combinations but fabric...argh!  I hope that this is one of those things that comes with experience and as long as I keep having more successes than failures, I've got too get better and more decisive, haven't I?

I do think all fabric shops should have a full length mirror and a dressmaking form so that you can drape the fabric to get a better visual effect.  Maybe I'll drop it in as a suggestion in my local fabric shop...

After a bit of a project finishing session, I have made a list of projects to get done and as soon as the very last stitch is in this Simplicity 2927 dress, I am going to crack straight on with the Colette Hazel dress in this gorgeous striped cotton....what do you think?

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