Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Handy wrist bag

You know what its like when you've just got to walk the dog, pop to the shop for some essentials, do the school run...and you're faced with the dilemma of how to juggle your money, phone, don't want to take your usual handbag and you don't want your pockets stuffed to bursting point...

...I think I may have the solution!

This cute, versatile bag is just perfect.  Hand made from quality fabrics, the bag is totally reversible so you can alter your bag to suit you.  Its the perfect size to hold those essentials and once packed, simply slip the longer handle through the short one and you're good to go.

Either hold it in your hand or slip your wrist through the handle and your hands are clutter-free...

Corduroy versions with coordinating lining

Available in a variety of designs, there is something for everyone - the possibilites are endless and the end result unique.  Perfect for treating yourself or a gift for friends and family, and just as good for girls (and even boys!) of all ages.  At £8.50, I'm sure you'll agree they are a snip.

Tempted?  ...can't see what you're looking for?  Then contact me by email, or message me via Facebook and I will happily create the perfect bag.  I can also see this as a perfect evening bag and will run up a few samples too.

Go on treat yourself...

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