Monday, 21 May 2012

Re-use and recycle

Question : What do you do with a gorgeous stripy cardigan that has been sat in your wardrobe waiting for you to wear it?

Answer : Make it into a gorgeous stripy cushion cover!!

In my efforts to revamp our old but perfectly comfortable sofa, I have been making new cushion covers in an assortment of beiges, chocolates, and even a bit of duck egg blue to tie in with the sofa colours.  I love colour and stripes so what better excuse plus it livens it all up a lot.

As I like to keep it simple, I basically bought a  20 inch square duck feather cushion pad (thankyou Dunelm) and cut out a 21 inch square from the cardigan.  I cut through both front and back of cardigan to keep stripe alignment and also made use of what existing seams were left - I did say I like simple!  After turning it wrong side out,  I sewed seams along top and bottom and two short sections on the sides where the cardigan shape tapered out and I lost the existing seams.  

The added beauty of using a cardigan is that I didn't even need to go to the lengths of creating an envelope back as I used the button bands, buttons from the original.  And voila!

I plan on making a couple of round afghan- block style covers using a hexagonal motif - this is also great as I can just sit and hook a motif up in the car on the school run.  Let me know if you've done any great upcycling as I'd love to know..

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