Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hats off to summer...

Well it's finally happened - autumn is officially here.  It's gradually getting darker earlier, temperatures are dropping and the rain has returned, along with the wind.  The boots are dusted off, polished up and back on my feet again.  I tried to resist packing the summer shoes and sandals back in the wardrobe for as long as possible almost as though I'm clinging on and hoping for some warmth and sunshine.  I don't know why I try to avoid doing this and resorting back to socks with my footwear - I have shockingly bad circulation which means I permanently have sub zero even on a hot day!  I do however draw the line at wearing flip flops in the rain especially when we keep being deluged with monsOon conditions.  What are people thinking...?

Glamour Puss hat in teal

It's not quite cool enough for hats just yet despite the fact I'm itching to don one of my favourites and help combat the windswept hair look.  I think I need to keep something in reserve especially after the last two winters we've had in the UK.

Denim blue with band detail

I have been busy making up some more hats to stock my stall with at a forthcoming craft fair later this month.  I have added different colours to my range of Newsboy style hats.  These are super comfortable and warm, with a brim and either button or flower detail. 

Oatmeal Newsboy
At just £10 these are an absolute must for the colder months and being hand crafted, they offer a unique-ness you don't get on the high street.  Email or message me through facebook - also check out my other hats in the photo gallery.  I am happy to customise colours, finishing touches, etc to suit and other commissions are gladly undertaken.

Classic black with subtle twist...

I will however be getting out the handwarmers (and making more - after all it would be rude not to plus a girl needs to be colour coordinated...).  With my shockingly poor circulation, I find my hands are permanently cold and also need a minimum of 30 minutes defrosting after the walk to school.  I tend to make them a touch longer for me as I have realised if I keep my wrists good and toasty too, its better for me and keeps droppages/breakages to a more permissable level.  No one warned me that MS was the disease that just keeps on giving....
If you like what you see, get in touch....

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  1. I'm loving the hats - especially the oatmeal newsboy! You're doing a great job ♥