Monday, 18 June 2012

So satisfying! Simplicity 2927

I couldn't help but smile when my husband recently said, "That's a nice top - where did you get that?"

Such a good feeling to say "I made it", coupled with the knowledge that the garment is unique.  Never again will you suffer that moment when you realise someone else is wearing the same outfit.  On the few occasions that has happened to me (two that I can remember), I have had to have a wry smile and its really not that bad - ultimately someone else has similar tastes to you and that can't be a bad thing.
Simplicity 2927 tunic

I'm not sure who was more proud of my rather amateur sewing prowess - it wasn't me that kept pointing out to friends and family that I'd made it!  However I do feel proud that I can achieve a high quality item and to receive such lovely compliments is a fantastic boost.  Someone also told me recently that they used to love making things but didn't have the courage or the confidence to wear it.  Such a shame and I urge anyone who  isn't quite sure  - do it and wear it with pride!

I love this top and now on its success, I will crack on and make the dress version next - this was a bit of a trial run and a valuable one at that.  The cool and crisp linen was a dream to work with and gives the top a lovely vintage feel - bought online here last year.  Instead of using a hook and eye at the back of the neck, I used a small button with a crochet  loop to close.  I chose this over a hook and eye fastening to help disguise the fact that the left corner above the zip is a teensy weeny bit higher than the right - I am talking about 3mm.  I think this is down to me needing a lot more practise with sewing in zips.  
Now that I have started to make clothes, I can't help but be super critical when shopping.  Sometimes its the fabric quality, the price to quality of work ratio (higher the price the lower the quality) and I have even seen really scrappy finishing on items in prime window position.    Although I am only a novice, both  my successes and what the high street can offer are spurring me on to creating more items for my wardrobe.  Watch this space...

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