Saturday, 7 April 2012

Short and sweet

There's nothing better than the instant gratification of making something for babies - a couple of evenings and this is the result.  

The perfect gift to give to family or friends who are expecting to be blessed with a tiny little person.  May I just point out the gorgeous buttons (although they are hard to see - tiny raised green rabbits on white shank base) were picked out by my daughter.  I'm glad to see she is blessed with a good eye for colour and detail...

The pattern I used was this lovely King Cole one.  Its such a relief that crochet patterns have progressed a bit now and are much more modern and simplistic - sometimes they are still too boxy but then that just gives me an excuse to get my thinking head on and try to customise the pattern.  Talking of which, there are a few modifications I would do when I make this jacket again.  For instance, I think I would work the collar straight onto the body rather than making it separately and constructing.  I always feel the elimination of seams makes for a cleaner finish and particularly on such a small item, would reduce any bulkiness.  With this in mind, I think I would work the sleeves straight on to the armholes and reverse the shaping or miss out the shaping entirely.  

I'm sure there must be plenty of you out there who can't resist tweaking and amending patterns.  If so, let me know of any success stories - I'd love to get some comments from you out there...

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