Monday, 5 March 2012

Tools of my trade

Here are the tools of my trade and without them I would be lost - all creativity stopped, a bit like Samson without his hair.  Would I go as far to say as I would grab them if I were fleeing my burning home?  No but they would be one of the first things I would have to go and replace.

My most favourite is the odd looking wooden egg shaped one.  After searching endlessly for ergonomic crochet hooks a few years ago on the internet, this one came to light.  After much deliberating I ordered it all the way from Canada and almost didn't because of the cost.  I do have to thank my husband here for the kick up the backside to order it so that I could carry on being creative.  It arrived super quick and is marvellous - you do have to get used to it though due to its shape and may not suit everyone depending on the way you hold your hook.  I love the way the wood is so tactile and once you've been crocheting for a while, the wood takes on the heat from your hand and you can crochet for hours.  Trust me, I've done it.

As like most people, I have more than one project on the go and needed different sizes, I also spotted on Google instructions on how to make your own ergonomic hook.  Simply using regular crochet hooks, I wrapped some masking tape around the handle to pad it out a bit (more on smaller hooks and less on the fatter ones) and then slid/pushed/jammed a couple of rubber pen grips on that I bought through good old Ebay.  Voila!   Good to go and surprisingly comfy...

I have also bought a 7mm Addi Swing Turbo hook which is fairly new on the market.  It looks very strange and looks almost like a toothbrush handle.  It is fairly good although it is almost too curved - maybe done for eye appeal rather than actual comfort?  I think I may end up customising this myself and padding it out in a few places..

Anyway, must pick up said hook now and get to it as have many items still to make in time for fast approaching craft fair....more on that soon.

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