Monday, 5 November 2012

Wear it with pride...

November is here and now is the time to wear a remembrance poppy in recognition for all those involved in wars and conflicts, both past and present.
My coat, with poppy and regimental pin - how proud am I!!

With all the media coverage of Afghanistan and the presence of UK troops there, the public seem to have a really positive attitude and respect for the work and sacrifices made by the men and women involved.  I've not known such support in all the 13 years I have been married - Mr Fuzzyfingers has been in the British Army for nearly 20 years...

I wanted to make a crochet poppy brooch this year as sadly the little paper one took too much of a battering on my coat last year.  I searched Ravelry (a fantastic knitting and crochet website for those of you who have not yet stumbled across it) for the various designs available and chose to make this one, designed by Bilgewater, who has kindly allowed me to reproduce it.

The shape is perfect and a true poppy bloom and the leaf (although not poppy like) compliments it perfectly.  Yarn type, gauge and hook size are all really irrelevant as you can use whatever you like.  I had the perfect poppy red in a chunky yarn so I used a 5mm hook to get a really dense fabric.  For one option, I used a black button for the centre and the other had a black crochet circle which I then covered liberally with black sequins. 

You can fasten to your clothing with a safety pin or a brooch pin if you have them.  I first sewed a sieve to the back of the flower and then bent the little lugs over the round brooch back ( with a tiny blob of superglue for added security).

And gorgeous poppy that is sure to get noticed for all the right reasons, donation made to the worthy cause and many compliments.  (Many thanks, Naomi!)

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