Sunday, 2 September 2012

Flirty frocks

Once the school holidays had arrived and the school uniform was put away for 6 weeks, I found that most of mini Fuzzyfinger's clothes didn't fit!  After taking stock of the situation and passing on what were mainly pristine clothes to friends, the drawers were looking a little bare.

If like me, your child is tall for their age (at 5 my little sweetpea is regularly mistaken for a 7 year old) you may have experienced this same trouble.  I have to buy clothes in  for 6-8 year old, depending on the shop of course and their sizing.  Why do shops vary so much for children and adults alike?  Another good reason to make your own as then your clothes fit like a dream!

The problem I hit then is a lot of the clothing in larger sizes isn't really that great or suitable for a 5 year old. I am not a fan of novelty slogans, strappy tops and too short dresses. Snd don't get me started on the colours....

Using this great book, Absolutely A-Line by Wendi Gratz, I have made up a couple of simple but gorgeous A-line dresses that are bothe the perfect length and in lovely colours.  This has also been a great way of using up some of my fabric stash of those bits that are too big to throw out but not quite big enough for adult garments.  I can also tinker around with using some pretty trimmings and practise techniques too.

I love the vintage feel of the chambray skirt section completed with the heart motif bodice - the broderie trim just finishes it off nicely.  This one is lined with the striped shirting and the back is closed with a hook and eye with a decorative button.

Restricted by a slightly smaller scrap of this lovely striped shirting  (used for my first Sorbetto top and bought for me by mum from a remnant pile), I made a shorter bodice section with a longer skirt.  I finished this one with a simple ribbon loop and button closure.

Continuing my tradition that I seem to have started,  I made a lovely twirly circle skirt for mini Fuzzyfinger's birthday.  What little girl doesn't love a skirt that twirls...

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