Monday, 27 August 2012

Lazy days and birthdays

The end of the holidays is now looming and the eagerly awaited highlight arrived - mini Fuzzyfingers 5th birthday party!! After many years of patience, trials and heartache, our baby arrived slap bang on my husband's birthday! What are the chances....Fate has a funny old way of working...

August 25th has and never will be the same again. As the years have gone by, it has sunk in more and more with me the extra special-ness of this. There is going to be one heck of a joint 50th and 18th birthday party!!

Despite the odd shower, we had a great time with a bouncy castle, party food, pass the parcel and good old fashioned playing and colouring with a small group of children. A perfect 5 year old's party and completely simple, age appropriate fun. I keep trying to puzzle out parents' desire to outdo one another with parties, themes and number of children invited and also why there seems to be such an urgency and rush for kiddies to grow up....maybe I'm lucky in that my little one is more interested in Sylvanian Family figures, ponies, Polly Pockets and only a mild interest in        computers and techno gadgets. Long may that continue!

The summer holidays seem to have flown by despite our rather testing weather conditions.  There seems to have been barely two consecutive days that have been alike which makes planning activities a bit more tricky but we have made the most of the sunny spells.

With swimming, cycling, picnics, trips to the park mxed with craft sessions, colouring, painting, watching films and good old imaginative play, we've filled our days and made the most of relaxing.
Having had the opportunity to be a full time stay at home mum, I have absolutely loved the hols and treasured the time spent with my daughter after her Reception year at primary school.  I had however forgotten quite how much energy they consume..

Despite the fact that my crafting and output has been shockingly poor and my blog sadly neglected (apologies!), I have loved our summer and family time.  My creative mind hasn't taken a break however and I have various sheets of paper scattered liberally throughout the house with inspired thoughts and ideas and pattern schematics that are crying out for attention.

Here's to the last days of summer, back to routine and back to getting creative...

Oh and I have to show you this gorgeous cushion crocheted by my talented teenage niece that she lovingly made for her cousin.  She has well and truly been hooked by the crochet and craft bug and has even started her own blog.   Thankyou little Nimble Mouse!

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